date topic
126 Aug Introduction and Basic Concepts
228 Aug Slope Fields
49 Sep Separable Equations
511 Sep Autonomous Equations
616 Sep Euler's Method
718 Sep The Euler-Heun Method
830 Sep First-order models
92 Oct Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions
1114 Oct Phase Portraits
1216 Oct Complex exponentials: Euler's formula
1323 Oct Nonlinear Systems: the Pendulum
1428 Oct The Predator-Prey Equations
156 Nov Second-order Linear Equations
1613 Nov Linear Differential Equations: General Theory
1718 Nov Repeated Roots and Reduction of Order
1820 Nov Variation of Parameters
1925 Nov Period, amplitude, and phase
202 Dec Review of Power Series
214 Dec Series Solutions
229 Dec Laplace Transforms
2311 Dec Discontinuous Driving Functions