date topic
19 Jan Calculus review: part 1
211 Jan Gallery of functions (Maple)
313 Jan Calculus review: part 2
425 Jan Terminology and basic concepts
527 Jan Slope fields
630 Jan Generating slope fields (Maple)
730 Jan First-order linear equations
81 Feb Separable equations
91 Feb Bernoulli equations
101 Feb Homogeneous equations
116 Feb Using fences to determine long-term behavior
128 Feb Autonomous equations
1310 Feb Some examples of first-order models
1422 Feb Theorem on existence and uniqueness
1524 Feb Picard iteration
1627 Feb Euler's method
171 Mar The Euler-Heun method
1815 Mar Truncation error
1915 Mar Single-step methods (Maple)
2017 Mar A more general mean value theorem
2117 Mar Improving the Euler method
2220 Mar Power series solutions
2331 Mar Systems, vectors, and matrices
243 Apr Linear systems and eigenfunctions
255 Apr Phase portraits
2610 Apr Nodes, saddle points, and spirals
2712 Apr Nodes, saddle points, and spirals (Maple)
2817 Apr Second-order linear equations
2917 Apr Complex eigenvalues: Euler formula
3019 Apr The Heaviside method (Laplace transform)
3119 Apr Laplace transform (Maple)
3221 Apr Switches, shifts. and delays