due date source pages: problem numbers

127 JunCalculus review

229 JunBasic concepts
Slope fields

33 JulFirst-order linear equations
Separable equations

45 JulAutonomous equations
First-order models

56 JulBernoulli equations
Homogeneous equations

612 JulFirst-order systems

713 JulPhase portraits

817 JulSecond-order linear equations
Euler's formula

918 JulLinear differential equations: some general theory

1019 JulRepeated eigenvalues: reduction of order
Variation of parameters

1125 JulSeries solutions

1227 JulRegular singular points

1331 JulThe Heaviside method

141 AugSwitches, shifts, and delays

152 AugPeriodic drivers

163 AugImpulse, the Dirac delta, and convolution