Welcome to Math 1750, section 995, summer 1, 2007!

This is a web-based course which introduces trigonometry and basic calculus with applications aimed for students in the life sciences (biology, pre-med, pre-pharmacy, etc). You may access this course at the UT Distance Learning website as soon as the class roster is activated, probably Monday, 14 May.

You will use this UT Distance Learning website for three things:

For everything else you will be at the CourseCompass website, hosted by Addison-Wesley.

We will use the book Calculus with Applications, Brief Version, 8th edition, by Margaret Lial, Ray Greenwell, and Nathan Ritchey, published by Addison-Wesley. You must purchase the book together with a MyMathLab Student Starter Kit, which will include a student access code that you will need to register at the CourseCompass website. In this class, you will spend most of your time at this website, since this is where most of the course materials (assignments and so forth) will be posted.

There are three main options for purchasing the book and access code.

  1. You can buy a specially priced package, including the book and student solutions manual, from the UT bookstore. You can buy this at the location in the Student Union of the Main Campus, or you can buy it online. To buy it online go to utoledo.bkstore.com, and locate Buy Your Textbooks On-Line Today!, on the left. Select summer 1, Math, 1750, section 995. This should offer both a new version for around $107, and (if copies are available) a used version for around $80. Be wary of buying a used version, since it may not include a current, valid student access code. Check with the bookstore on this point. If you buy a used copy without a student access code then you can purchase a student access code directly from the CourseCompass website. (See option 3.)
  2. You can buy a hard copy of the book (no solutions manual) directly from Addison-Wesley. To buy this version, go to the aw.com. Near the top of the page, in the middle, find Search our catalog. In the search box type 032126830X, select search by ISBN, click GO.
  3. You can buy the book in e-book format (no hard copy) from the CourseCompass website when you register. This is by far the cheapest option. To buy this version, go to coursecompass.com, locate Students, on the right, click Register, and look for the link on the right which says Purchase online access now using a credit card. If you have already registered at CourseCompass before then I believe you can use your old login, but you will still have to purchase the student access code for this semester.

Once you have bought the book you must register at CourseCompass. For this you will need to supply your email address, the course id, and your student access code. Go to coursecompass.com, locate Students, on the right, click Register, and use the course id hewitt53316.

This course includes with an introduction to trigonometry, which unfortunately is not a topic included in our textbook. Hence I will supplement the text with course materials taken from a trigonometry book by the same authors. The book I will draw the supplemental material from is A Graphical Approach to Algebra and Trigonometry, 4th edition (isbn 9780321356956). You will not need to purchase this book. However, you should be aware that the chapters I use from this book will only be available online, and not in the hard copy.

If you are having any difficulties getting started please use the mail tool on the UT Distance Learning website to contact me.