Resources for Math 3510, Fall 2010

I have placed three books on 2-hour reserve in Carlson Library. (Search by name: hewitt.)

There are many websites with historical accounts, mathematical and otherwise. Here I mention only two.

There are two other textbooks which may be helpful:

There are some BBC radio programs that help give us a glimpse of life in the ancient world, and in particular the role of science and mathematics. (Look for the Listen Now buttons on the pages listed below.)

One of the voices you will hear frequently at the BBC is that of Eleanor Robinson. She has a fabulous article in the American Mathematical Monthly which shows what can go wrong when mathematicians try their hand at historical reconstruction. This piece concerns the most famous mathematical tablet from ancient Iraq, the so-called Plimpton;nbsp;322.

There is a useful atlas with which you can trace, for example, the flow of european history starting in year 400, just before the fall of the western Roman Empire. Also useful is Europe: 10 centuries in 5 minutes.

Charlie Gunn's view inside hyperbolic space.